The Certification Body of AUDEG

The AUDEG Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) - AUDEG Zert - is a neutral, independent and competent body which carries out the conformity assessment of management systems. AUDEG Zert is officially recognised as a conformity assessment body by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) within the framework of accreditation. This proves that AUDEG Zert has the competence to carry out the conformity assessment procedure. The accreditation of the KBS of AUDEG eG is expected to take place at the end of 2019.


policy of impartiality

The Advisory Board to ensure impartiality consists of at least 3 members, with at least 1 member being delegated from the Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board shall decide on the further composition taking into account that the following framework conditions shall be taken into account:

  • Interests of AUDEG members
  • Requirements of regulations (ISO standards, legal requirements, etc.)
  • Interests and requirements of supervisory authorities
  • Interests and developments with customers
  • Interests of (appointing) auditors

The composition of the Advisory Board is reviewed and determined by the Supervisory Board on a case-by-case basis (and at least once a year). A high degree of continuity of the members of the Advisory Board is ensured so that the development of AUDEG can be promoted in the long term.
To ensure that the meetings of the Advisory Board can take place in a substantiated and target-oriented manner in order to ensure impartiality, the head of the certification body and the Managing Board take part in joint meetings and votes as required.
The Supervisory Board determines which members are entitled to vote and which have a purely advisory function. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board ensures that no interest group is over-represented or neglected in the composition of the Supervisory Board.

certification procedures

The implementation of certification procedures includes the following processes:

In order to have certification carried out, the institution to be certified (customer) must submit a formal application in writing. The application to AUDEG Conformity Assessment Body (KBS) can be submitted by e-mail or by post to the office (Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 36, 60325 Frankfurt am Main). If required, the applicant can arrange an information meeting with the office when filling in the application form. Receipt of the application will be confirmed in writing by the AUDEG Conformity Assessment Body.
On the basis of the framework parameters determined, the CAB determines whether AUDEG is in a position to carry out the procedure. In the first step, it is checked whether all necessary information is available, and if necessary, it must be requested again.

Initial certification:

Audit stage 1
In stage 1 of the audit, the readiness of the company to be certified is determined. The aim is to determine whether a stage 2 audit can be carried out at all. Following the content audits, the auditor assesses whether the efforts, resources and competencies defined in the course of planning the procedure are sufficient for stage 2 or whether adjustments need to be made. The result is recorded in the report on level 1 and, if necessary, coordinated with the certification body.

Audit Stage 2
This stage of the audit is intended to verify the effectiveness of the management procedures. It is checked whether the process descriptions and procedures conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. Furthermore, the implementation and lived practice with regard to the own specifications of the organization to be audited as well as ISO/IEC 27001 are subject of the audit. A successful initial certification is concluded with the issuance of a certificate for 3 years.

Surveillance audit:
Surveillance audits ensure that the effectiveness of the ISMS continues and is maintained. After the 2 surveillance audits, a recertification audit must be carried out. The following deadlines apply:

  • the 1st surveillance audit must be carried out within 12 months;
  • for all further surveillance audits a period of 12 months +/- 3 months applies, whereby a postponement to another calendar year is not permissible.

In the context of a recertification, the effectiveness of the ISMS as well as basic procedures are reviewed again. The purpose of the recertification audit is to confirm the continued conformity and effectiveness of the ISMS as a whole and its continuing relevance and applicability to the scope of the certification. The contents are usually based on those of a level 2 audit.

The following deadline applies: The re-certification audit must be completed before the certificate expires. This includes all steps within the audit up to the issue of the certificate.

Information request, appeal and opposition procedures

Are you interested in a personal membership as an auditor or in a company membership with AUDEG? Or do you need information about our services? Please use the following contact form. Your inquiry will be forwarded immediately to the responsible contact person who will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in AUDEG eG and our services.

Are you dissatisfied with our services or do you have ideas what we can still improve? Then you have the opportunity at this point to contact us via our complaint and opposition procedure. We take your criticism and concerns very seriously. We can assure you that your allegations will be investigated and your complaint dealt with competently and appropriately.

The procedure of the complaint and opposition proceedings:
Upon receipt of the complaint, the complainant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and will be informed of a processing date. The Complaints Office processes the complaints and appeals and informs the complainant of any interim statuses. Once the complaint or opposition has been dealt with, the appellant receives a final reply. Complaints and appeals can be submitted via the online contact form. To do so, click on Contact or send them informally by post or electronically to the

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