The AUDEG Certification Body

The AUDEG Certification Body is part of the registered cooperative, but acts independently within AUDEG with regard to activities and decisions on certifications.

The AUDEG Certification Body is a neutral, independent and competent body that performs conformity assessment of management systems. The official recognition as a conformity assessment body takes place for the AUDEG Certification Body within the framework of an accreditation by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS). This proves that the AUDEG Certification Body has the competence to carry out the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with the standards. The AUDEG Certification Body is currently undergoing the accreditation procedure by the DAkkS.



policy of impartiality

The management of the AUDEG Certification Body and all employees are aware of the special importance of maintaining impartiality for all activities of theAUDEG Certification Body. The AUDEG Certification Body acts impartially as a matter of principle and avoids the occurrence of conflicts of interest. Details on the impartiality of the AUDEG Certification Body are documented in the "Policy on Impartiality".

Information request, appeal and opposition procedures

Are you dissatisfied with our services or do you have ideas what we can still improve? Then you have the opportunity at this point to contact us via our complaint and opposition procedure. We take your criticism and concerns very seriously. We can assure you that your allegations will be investigated and your complaint dealt with competently and appropriately.

The procedure of the complaint and opposition proceedings:
Complaints and appeals, e.g. in the context of the granting, refusal, termination, withdrawal, suspension or restriction of certificates can be submitted via the online contact form, by mail or e-mail. You will usually receive an acknowledgement of receipt from the AUDEG certification body within two working days. In order to avoid conflicts of interest in the processing, the processing of a complaint / objection is carried out by independent personnel. The AUDEG Certification Body processes the complaints and objections and informs the complainant or objector about intermediate statuses, if necessary. After the complaint or objection has been processed accordingly, the complainant or objector receives a final response. If an objector does not agree with the AUDEG Certification Body's reasoning and notifies the AUDEG Certification Body again, the Impartiality Council of the AUDEG Certification Body will be involved for mediation. The decision on the further handling of the objection is always incumbent on the head of the AUDEG certification body.

Complaints and appeals can be submitted via the online contact form. To do so, click on Contact or send them informally by post or electronically to the

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