Become a member

AUDEG - Deutsche Auditoren eG is a neutral entity and clearing house for its members. Together, through participation in all relevant industry structures and bodies, we define commen standards for certifications and audits. As a member you will also become part of our extensive network. An entry in our Competency Directory offers you the opportunity to present yours competencies and experience. We also organise exclusive training courses, thus enabling our member to to reach and maintain the necessary quality of delivery of their certification and auditing service.

To become a member of AUDEG at least one share of the cooperative has to be purchased. Additionally a monthly membership fee applies. For further information, please refer to our statute. Of course, we'll be happy to give you personal advice. Just contact us!


In order to run and maintain our services AUDEG – Deutsche Auditoren eG requires a steady income. This income is derived from the following fees schedule.:

Cooperative shares

Every member has to purchase at least one but not more than three shares of the cooperative at a price of 1500 Euro (one thousand five hundred). The amount is due on the day the application for membersip is approved by the management of the cooperative.


Every personal member of the cooperative is due a monthly fee of 50 Euro (fifty), independent of the acquired cooperative shares. The fee is due in advance for 12 months, totalling 600 Euro (six hundred).

Corporate membership are 100 Euro (one hundred) per month - totalling 1.200 Euro (one thousand two hundred) for 12 months. For this the company is entitled to name two persons - one representative for all matters concerning the membership of AUDEG (such as the general assembly), as well as one auditor with appropriate competence - as representatives. Each further named representative is due a monthly fee of 50 Euro (fifty) - totalling 600 Euro (six hundred) in advance for 12 months.

Application fee

For applicants obtaining membership after October 1st, 2017, a one time application fee of 1.500 Euro (one thousand five hundred) applies. The fee falls due along with the declaration of accession.


Training offered by AUDEG is recognised as domestically executed services (§ 3 (9) UStG (German legislation on VAT)) and thus liable for taxation (§1 (1) Nr.1 S.1 UStG). Cooperative shares, membership fees and application fee are VAT-exempt.