IT basic protection training courses from the BSI curriculum

From July 2020 AUDEG will offer two courses from the current BSI Curriculum:

The testing method for these training courses has been approved by the BSI. AUDEG ensures that it employs experienced trainers who have the necessary professional qualifications and practical experience and know-how in the field of information security to be able to conduct training...


Two General Assemblies in 2020

This year there were two AUDEG General Assemblies - both virtual and with important items on the agendas: On 28 April 2020, an extraordinary General Meeting was held, at which the Articles of Association of AUDEG were completely revised, because the new version requires less effort than a large number of amendments. The new statutes create important prerequisites for accreditation as a certification body, which has proven to be necessary for the cooperative over the past 3 years. On 9 June 2020,...


General Assembly on June 7th 2019

The third regular General Meeting of AUDEG - Deutsche Auditoren eG will take place in Frankfurt on 7 June 2019. Topics at this year's General Assembly will of course be the economic development and the annual financial statements for 2018 including the audit report of the Association of Cooperatives. In addition, there will be a status and progress report on the topics of DAkkS accreditation, data protection, training opportunities and general business model development. The Supervisory Board...


AUDEG - The first year

One year has passed since the last news article. Behind the scenes of AUDEG, the development of the auditing cooperative is being worked on diligently. This report describes the main activities.


Relaunch of AUDEG website

Three months after its foundation and a host of activities, AUDEG is launching its website. Training courses on KRITIS (German Regulation on Determining Critical Infrastructures (BSI-KritisV), governed by the Act on the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Act)) are the first offering of the cooperative. Additionally the Competency Directory provides all members a platform to present their expertise and industry experience.


Training in accordance with BSIG (Act on the Federal Office for Information Security) 8(a)

As of now AUDEG offers training courses to its members for qualification in 'additional auditing competence in accordance with ยง 8a BSI-Gesetz (Act on the Federal Office for Information Security)'. This training course is aimed at external and internal auditors in the area of IT-security, internal revision or external auditors.


A new certification body is set to start

25 founding members gathered on march 31st, 2017 in Frankfurt at the DE-CIX 25 to lay the foundations of a new certification body: AUDEG - Deutsche Auditoren eG i.G. (AUDEG - German auditors, incorporated as a cooperative). This organisation is a not-for-profit cooperative and adds value to its members as a professionally organised business platform.