AUDEG - The first year

One year has passed since the last news article. Behind the scenes of AUDEG, the development of the auditing cooperative is being worked on diligently. This report describes the main activities.

On 24 May 2018, the members met for the first regular General Meeting and the Board and Supervisory Board were able to report on a successful year of foundation:

  • Revenues from training and further education were above plan, especially in the BSIG 8a area.
  • Thus, the financial development is also better than expected and the deficit in the year of foundation is smaller than expected.
  • The number of members is developing in line with expectations and all AUDEG activity areas are recorded.

AUDEG was able to develop activities in all areas in the first 12 months and will continue them in 2018:

  • Development and expansion of the website with register of auditors
  • Offer of training courses and seminars that cannot be offered directly by members
  • Resumption of activities in the "Data Protection" working group following the GDPR deadline of 25 May 2018
  • Continuation of activities to establish the certification body for management systems in close coordination with DAkkS.

The first full AUDEG year 2018 will continue to be devoted to the development of all activities. We will report on the progress and results of our work here.

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